PromosArena Privacy Policy: 

This is PromosArena’s Privacy Policy. This policy clearly explains how PromosArena accesses and uses your data. This policy lists all aspects necessary for the user to know when interacting with the PromosArena website. Please read this clearly before interacting or sharing any information with the website. If you do not agree to this policy or any point mentioned in it, please leave this site immediately.


1. Types of Personal Information That We Collect: 

PromosArena does not collect any personal information other than the information provided by the user. We may collect your location information that we find by google tools. This only includes the country the user is accessing the website from, the device being used to access, and pages the user visits. All this information is collected to make the user experience better.


2. How PromosArena Collects Personal Information:

PromosArena collects personal information only when the user shares this information by the Contact Us or Advertise With Us form. Other than these methods, PromosArena does not collect any user information that may be considered personal.


3. How PromosArena Uses Personal Information: 

PromosArena uses your information to make the platform better. The information collected through the contact us form is used to answer user queries and solve any problems that the user faces. Other than this, we do not use your personal information for anything.


4. When and Why We Disclose Personal Information:

PromosArena never discloses your personal information until otherwise forced by the law. This information may include the location you are accessing the website, the device you are using, the pages you visited, and your device IP address. If you have contacted us through our form, this information may also be included if forced by law.


5. Cookies and Related Technologies: 

At present, PromosArena does not use cookies or any related technologies. Cookies are small packets that your browser stores on your device so when you visit the website again you can see products related to your previous searches. At the present moment, PromosArena does not use such technologies. We will notify you if we change this at any moment.


6. Third-Party Policy: 

PromosArena lists and promotes third-party products and offers along with ads. When you interact with any deal, coupon, or store ads, or anything that leads you to leave this portal, you are redirected to the advertiser site. At that time you have to read the advertiser’s terms and conditions and interact with their site accordingly. PromosArena takes no responsibility for any problems caused when you interact with any third-party website. 

7. Children and Privacy: 

PromosArena is safe for children over 13 under Parental Guidance. We list some products under the “Adult” category that may be considered vulgar and/or unsafe for children. These are third-party products that we list so it is advised to stay with your children when they interact with PromosArena or any partner website.


8. Your Choices: 

We keep track of your choices to know what stores are being visited more by users. This is done to bring more great deals and offers that can help users with their shopping. Your choices help us make the portal much more enjoyable for other users and you.


9. Accessing Personal Information & Correcting It: 

If you have shared any personal information with PromosArena that you want to access or correct, you may do so by contacting us at or through our contact us page. We will check the information and get back to you with a way to change your information.


10. The Safety of Your Information:

PromosArena always works to keep user information safe. We have a team of ethical hackers who work to keep the platform secure for our users. We protect your data at all times and if somehow the portal gets compromised by an online attack, we will let you know immediately. 


11. Changes in the Privacy Policy: 

This privacy policy tends to change whenever we change or add something new to our services. This privacy policy may change at any time without prior consent to the user. If you have subscribed to our email list, we will let you know about any changes we make to this privacy policy at any time. 


12. Communities:

PromosArena promotes different community sites where you may meet different people. We promote dating sites and some other such sites where you may interact with different people and/or groups of people from different sectors. PromosArena does not encourage you to share any personal information or transaction with them. The user may do such an activity with his own consent. PromosArena will take no responsibility for any loss that users may face on such websites, communities, or portals.


13. Errors & Corrections: 

PromosArena has a lot of pages and it is a hectic thing to manage all of these. You may find issues or errors in these pages and if this happens, you may contact us immediately so we can fix these. PromosArena is only responsible for any problem that the user brought to light and is not still been solved. We always try to keep our website up-to-date but if you find any outdated content or any content that contains or promotes racism, vulgarity, or is elicit in any way, you must reach us out and we will remove it immediately.


14. Coupon Submission: 

In case you want to submit a coupon code that you think could help other users like you, you can do so by contacting us first. Please provide the brand name the coupon is for, the coupon detail, and the coupon code if there is one. If all the details are correct, we will publish them.


15. Contact Us: 

PromosArena is a portal for humans and we make it very human-friendly. We always work to make this platform more and more user-friendly and your feedbacks matter a lot. We ask you to give your feedback and if you face any problems, you can contact us directly through the contact form or our contact email. Our team will get back to you within 24-hours.


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